Friday, January 4, 2019

Cemetery Creeps

These two were done a while ago and I completely forgot to post them

Ghouls are Black Goat units that are delightfully annoying.

Although they are poor combatants, they can be given the ability to go to any battle location after the fight is over and force a "pain" result (retreat) on each side in the battle - one pain per ghoul.

You can do this even if you weren't involved in the combat.

This is great for letting others fight and then clearly out the territory for yourself, or forcing opponents into unfavorable or weakened positions, or just to aggravate everyone at the table.

To be honest, although I love playing with these in the game, I wasn't that excited about painting them and I think it shows.

Cthulhu Wars is one of my favorite games to play.  It is loads of fun and with enough variety to last a lifetime of playing.  The miniatures excited me when I first got them, but as I paint more of them I am disappointed in the material of the models (pvc), which becomes tacky when painting (pvc is actually a terrible and unhealthy material as it is) and the casting isn't as crisp as they could be.  This has dulled my enthusiasm for them somewhat.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Big Trouble

I manage to sneak a little bit of time here and there to slap paint on miniatures.

This judge from Warlord/Mongoose is probably the worst of the judge figures from the line.

I apologize to the sculptor if you are reading this, but this was just an awful figure and is the perfect example of Mongoose's willingness to accept just about any sculpt to include in this line, resulting in the variable quality that was a hallmark of their Judge Dredd game.

Straight from the Robot Wars

This big fella is from Dust, published by Fantasy Flight when I bought it.

These come pre-painted in a monochrome green.  I decided to repaint it.

It sat on my desk sort of half-finished for years before I got tired of looking at it there and put it in the 'finished' pile.

Judge needs a bigger gun

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


I haven't abandoned you yet, beloved Judge Dredd!
I'm breaking with tradition here, I normally like to post at least two finished models, but I'm not sure if I'll get a companion finished for this one soon.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Undead

Yellow Sign likes to be left alone.
It doesn't have much in the way of strong combat units.

Here we have Undead, which is a 1-power monster that can be summoned and has a combat strength equal to the number of Undead in the area minus 1.

What are they good for?  Mostly following around the King In Yellow and helping him to desecrate regions, which can then be set up to generate power or Doom points (through The Third Eye spellbook).

Undead can also be used to convert enemy cultists into more Undead for you (with the help of the Zingaya spellbook).

I have been painting these over the last couple of months, one at a time...

Friday, March 9, 2018

Wasteland Warriors

Returning to the Cursed Earth for a moment...

This guy is from Blue Moon and could work equally well as a farmer trying to make a life out in the wastes or just a freak that likes to bash in heads.

I'm pretty sure he has never smiled in his life.

This guy is from Pulp Figures and, like that entire line, is just a pleasure to paint.

The pose is a little flat, but that's forgivable and I like him.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Special Delivery

Back to the city.

And a city needs to be populated, so I continue with my non-combatant civilians.

My wife asked what he's got on his torso.  How should I know? It's the future.

This delivery-looking dude is from the Warlord/Mongoose Judge Dredd line.

Stylistically, this guy does not really fit in with the outlandish outfits of the other models in their civilian packs. 

Mr. Two-Tone Hair is from Hydra Miniatures.

I really like these in style and hope to see more produced.

Here are all the civilians I've painted so far.

Say cheese!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Cursed Earth Explorers

Leaving the city and taking an excursion into the Cursed Earth today.

Instead of gang members, judges or victims, here we have a couple of intrepid explorers of the Cursed Earth.  Perhaps they are Helltrekkers, or missionaries or bored college professors...  Perhaps members of the Mega City Geographical Society.

Both models are from Pulp Figures.

Life has gotten in the way of a steady painting schedule and, for a while at least, I may not be able to paint as often as I want.